Saying Goodbye

Pet Euthanasia

Pets give us so much throughout their lifetime; they are our companions and members of our family.

As a pet owner, there is no harder decision to make than choosing the time to say goodbye. The death of a pet is a significant and very emotional time and we may mourn at their death as if we have lost a human friend. The memory of this event will therefore be a long-lasting one.

As pet owners ourselves, we have experienced both sides and are committed to ensuring you are prepared and supported when the time comes to say goodbye.

Some questions you may have about saying good-bye to your pet.

No one knows your pet or pets better than you do, so you will know if they still have same quality of life that they are used to. All pet or pets are different, so don't be afraid to ask our vet or veterinary nurse about your pet's quality of life and seek advice. Asking questions before the time comes will help to fully prepare you.

No. We are more than happy to visit you and your pet in your home if you would prefer to say goodbye to your pet in your home. It is a personal choice and we want to do whatever is easiest for you.

It is your choice to be present or not. We understand that many owners do not feel able to stay for euthanasia and we will always ask what your preference is beforehand so we can do what is best for you.

Being there with your pet when you he or she is put to sleep will be an emotional time but many owners feel relief knowing they can comfort their pet during their last moments while they say goodbye. But this is not true for everyone and we fully understand if you do not want to stay in the room with your pet when the injection is given. There will be time for you and your family to say your goodbyes afterwards.

We want to help your do what is best for you!

After having discussed your wishes we will ask you to sign a consent form to give us permission to put your pet to sleep.

The vet will clip a patch of fur, usually on your pet's foreleg to locate their vein. Once your pet is sat or laying comfortably the vet will then carry out the injection. The injection is similar to an anaesthetic so they will not feel any pain and just feel like they are falling asleep.

Many people are surprised at how peaceful euthanasia can be.

Occasionally when your pet is unconscious, some involuntary movements such as twitching and deep breaths may occur. Do not be alarmed, this is perfectly normal when your pet's muscles relax as their body is shutting down.

If you wish to have your pet cremated, there are two options for cremation.

  • An individual cremation is when your pet is cremated on their own and you will receive their ashes back afterwards
  • A standard cremation is when your pet is cremated with other pets and their ashes are scattered in a garden of remembrance at the peaceful Animal Funeral Services Pet crematorium.

Alternatively you may wish to take your pet home with you afterwards for home burial. Your vet will discuss these options with you in your appointment and there is no need for you to rush your decision.

We use Animal Funeral Services (AFS). AFS have been providing a pet funeral service to both vets and members of the public since 1985. Their company is one of the longest established and most experienced of its type in the UK, and offers the best possible service at the most cost effective rate. They currently service veterinary practices throughout mainland Britain.

Animal Funeral Services offer a wide and flexible range of services from a single private burial with an all-inclusive package, to an individual cremation with return of ashes, in a choice of caskets or pottery urn. They operate throughout the year so that they are at your service whenever you need them.

The following organisations can provide further help and support to cope with bereavement:

The Blue Cross offers bereavement support if you would like to talk to someone.

The Ralph site offers books about pet loss for all ages as well as books written to help your children understand the loss of their pets.


We know this is a difficult time for you and want to help saying goodbye to your beloved pet as dignified as possible. Over the years we have been very satisifed with Animal Funeral Services in Hereford for providing professional and personal pet cremation services.