Puppy Socialisation Classes

Do you have a new puppy? Congratulations and we wish you many years of joy with your new member of the family.

Join our weekly puppy socialisation class for a fantastic opportunity for your new puppy to interact with other puppies and different people in a relaxed and safe environment.

Why is socialisation so important?

Early socialisation is key to ensure your puppy grows up to be a relaxed, well behaved and non-fearful dog. Dogs that are not exposed to a variety of dogs, people and situations when they are younger may grow up to be nervous or aggressive when they are older.

Why attend our classes?

Our classes are held by Registered Veterinary Nurses who will provide information and support on a variety of topics and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Also by attending classes in our surgeries, your puppy is getting that all important 'vet socialisation' so they will not be anxious about coming to us for future visits.

Where, when and how much?

  • Puppies need to be between 8-12 weeks at their first class and had their first vaccination
  • Classes are held every Wednesday at our Hazlemere surgery 6.30 - 7.30pm
  • Classes run for 3 consecutive weeks and cost £18

What's included in our classes?

  • Socialisation leaflets
  • Introductions to the puppies, puppy play and habituation in the consult room
  • Discussions on socialisation, habituation, body language, toilet training, mouthing, play biting, chewing, jumping up, handling and health checking, dental care and grooming
  • Information on flea/worming treatment, microchipping, insurance and neutering
  • Basic training - sit, down, stand and recall
  • Puppies will also be weighed at each class

These classes are really popular so please don't hesitate to book your puppy in before they have seen the vet.

For further information please contact Megan Allison RVN at Hazlemere on 01494 718700 or enquire at one of our surgeries.

Puppy vaccination and socialisation

As part of the primary vaccination course, your puppy will be vaccinated against Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis and Leptospirosis at 8 weeks old; followed by a Parvovirus, Distemper and Hepatitis booster at 10 weeks and a Leptospirosis booster at 12 weeks.

Technically, your puppy will not be fully immunised against those disease until 2 weeks after their final puppy vaccine; that is at 14 weeks old. However, it is also vitally important to socialise your puppy during this time.

Socialisation is a vital process during which a puppy learns how to interact with other dogs, with people and with their environment. The key sensitive period for socialisation occurs between 3 and 16 weeks of age. As we live in a relatively low risk area for the diseases that we vaccinate dogs against, we therefore recommend waiting 48 hours after their first vaccine, then starting 'lead walking' on pavements and in wooded areas.

It is safe for your puppy to socialise with other vaccinated dogs, and we strongly encourage attending our puppy parties during which they will learn to interact and play with other vaccinated puppies of a similar age. It is advised however to stay away from waterways, farmyards and marshland areas until two weeks after the final Leptospirosis vaccine has been given, as this disease is known to be transmitted via waterways and rodent urine.

Please feel free to talk to one of our vets or nurses if you have any questions.

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