What to do in an emergency

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Our out of hours ON-SITE emergency service is provided by team right here at our High Wycombe surgery at
54 West Wycombe Road, High Wycombe, HP11 2LP

Monday – Friday: From 7:00pm until 8:00am the following morning
Saturday: From 1:00pm until 8:00am on Monday morning (including Sundays and Bank Holidays)



We are the ONLY veterinary practice in the High Wycombe area providing

What does this mean for you and your pets?

  • Your pets are NEVER LEFT ALONE! A vet and nurse are on duty and are with your pets at all times at our main surgery at 54 West Wycombe Road.
  • The Vets Now staff come on duty before we close to meet with our duty vet and nurse to discuss our in-patient pet cases and take over care until we return.
  • They are with your pets until we come in at 8am where our vets and nurses meet with the Vets Now staff to discuss the cases and take over care once again.
  • The Vets Now staff only work night shifts and are awake and working throughout the night caring for your pets.
  • Vets Now staff have access to your important pet records and history (not your personal information). This enables the Vets Now team to have complete current information about your pet right here on-site.
  • Our vets and nurses are not expected to work day and night covering emergencies which means they are rested for work in the morning.
  • No other practice in the area offers this genuine 24 hour 365 days a year emergency service.

VETS NOW is a service that exists solely for our out of hour's emergency work.

All the vets at VETS NOW are at least three years qualified and have specialist training in emergency and critical care cases.

We partner with Vets Now who provides a dedicated emergency service. Their vets and nurses sleep during the day and take days off when other vets are working. This allows them to be alert, effective and ready for your pet no matter hour of the night or day of the week it is. As they are dedicated to dealing with urgent critical care they have vast experience in this area.

Should you have any concerns about using our Vets Now service please feel free to contact one of our directors; Simon Cartwright and Denise Kinnard.

To learn about Vets Now visit their website.

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