PDSA Practice

Crossroads Veterinary Centre is proud to be a PDSA Pet Practice, offering funded treatment to registered eligible pet owners. PDSA Petaid scheme is to help pet owners who are in receipt of housing benefit or council tax benefit.

PDSA is a charity funded by donations from the public and discounted veterinary treatment by PDSA nominated veterinary practices. Funded treatment is only available to companion animals and only one pet per household can be registered. Click here to check your eligibility to register for PDSA funded treatment.

To register with us as a PDSA Practice you will need to

  • Fill in an application form which can be obtained at our surgery.
  • The application must be accompanied by
    • a postal order for £7.50 to assist with PDSA's administration costs
    • photocopies of documents proving you are currently in receipt of housing benefit or council tax benefit (proof must state a start and end date)
    • forms can be taken to the council to verify benefit proof
  • We will book an appointment for your pet to be assessed by our vet who makes the decision if your pet is eligible to be registered with us.
  • Your completed form, postal order and proof of benefits will then be forwarded by Crossroads Veterinary Centre to PDSA for their approval.

Once you have been accepted by PDSA, you will receive a certificate valid for a fixed period for the pet you have nominated. This certificate will only be valid at Crossroads Veterinary Practice and must be shown each time your pet needs treatment. PDSA request that you make a donation to the charity each time your pet is treated at our practice.

Your pet should be up to date with vaccinations and you must agree to follow treatment instructions for your pet. Your registered pet will be able to receive free treatment when sick, subject to any conditions excluded by us when assessed and subject to the PDSA restrictions below.


  • advanced and complex treatments
  • call-outs for home visits or out of hours charges
  • routine treatments such as vaccinations, flea and worm control and neutering
  • prescription pet food
  • laboratory tests not essential for diagnosis
  • referral to specialists
  • health checks
  • pregnancy diagnosis
  • post mortem examinations
  • attention to stray animals
  • costs relating to planned mating
  • breeding of your pet especially for financial gain
  • treatment for insured animals
  • private cremation

Does being a PDSA Practice affect our regular paying clients veterinary fees in any way?

To all our clients who may wonder if this will affect the practice or the way the practice works in any way we'd like to reassure that it won't. Our Veterinary Centre will continue as we have for many years offering the best in pet healthcare and client care we can. Clients will not in any way see fee increases to assist the scheme as it is run and funded by the PDSA not the practice. We are just able to offer a little something back to the community by supporting PDSA.

Do you know a friend, family member or neighbour who may benefit from this scheme and not be aware of it? Young or old alike, please let them know about it.


Pets today can live longer, healthier lives than ever before largely due to the advances in veterinary medicine, diagnostics and vaccines that help protect them from deadly infectious diseases. Speak to us about what vaccinations are appropriate for your pets.