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Pet Insurance

Over the course of your pet's lifetime they will inevitably require veterinary treatment in times of illness, accident or injury.

Whilst our Pet Health Club helps you cover their preventative health care, we highly recommend you take out a pet insurance policy alongside for the unexpected veterinary visits.

Research suggests you are far more likely to claim on your pet insurance than you are on your house or car insurance, and with veterinary fees varying from hundreds to thousands of pounds in cases of hospitalisation, surgery and referral, many owners understandably find these situations difficult to cover.

To help you get started with your research on some of the pet insurance companies, click here for The Money Supermarket Pet Insurance website for more information. Having a good level of pet insurance will help give you peace of mind and chosing the company that is right for you is your decision alone. Please do your research so you are happy with the company of your choice.

At Crossroads we are happy to recommend Petplan Pet Insurance. The company has almost 40 years' experience working with vets, owners and breeders and offer 'Covered For Life' policies.

For further information about Petplan or to get a Quote visit Petplan.

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